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Itinerary of evening:

Below is an example of a standard format for our murder mystery evenings. Times and events can be altered to your specifications. The evening will last approximately 3 hours. The characters interact with the audience during the course of the meal, so the audience members are able to pose questions in order to gain clues as to who the murderer is. The audience is best split into separate tables, so everyone can see the action and make their guesses as a table after discussion rather than individuals.

7:00 pm – Drinks Reception
Guests arrive (in fancy dress if they dare) for pre-dinner drinks and receive their information packs. Guests also get to meet the characters and find out who’s who before they sit down for dinner.

7:30 pm – Call for dinner
Guests are invited to sit down for dinner and the characters play out a short scene.

7:45 pm – The meal is served
The action takes place between courses, with the characters moving between tables during the meal to converse, entertain and be questioned.

9:00 pm – Solve the crime
Before dessert, each table is invited to accuse one (or more) characters, coming up with their own ideas of how and why the crime was committed.

9:30 pm – The murderer(s) is discovered
A climactic finale is played out revealing the truth, and the killer gets his/her just desserts. Prizes are awarded for the table who guessed closest to the truth, the best fancy dress, and a booby prize to the most ridiculously incorrect theory.


The show structure is split into 4 acts based around a three course meal. Our suggested method is to use around 6-8 actors in a show who will play various characters, including the victim(s?) and the murderer, however it can be fun for a more private event to have the characters played by the guests; imagine a corporate event where the boss gets murdered.

Our clients can choose whether we use our own professional actors or use their own guests as the characters. Further simple parts or fun inclusions can be added in by request for birthdays or even just for those enthusiastic to take part. Most of our themes can be shortened or expanded upon if you want a shorter or even full day event.

Should you have specific requirements or want your own tailor made theme and event, we would be more than happy to discuss further options and make sure that your evening is totally unique and unforgettable.


An average dinner event normally costs between £550 and £1000; negotiable depending on the number of guests, whether an organiser wishes to use our actors or the guests as characters and whether or not they want a tailor made theme and story for their event.

We do also run public events through special arrangements with selected venues, and upcoming performances can be viewed on our ‘Dates’ page if you want to treat your loved one to an exciting evening, or just come along with a group of friends.
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