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You've made it to the depths of the Broken Pipe Theatre website. Well done. Clicking finger tired yet? Just a few more clicks and we'll let you go.

Our most complicated and ambitious play, entitled 'Safe House', a high tech, high energy thriller was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010, as well as on tour around England. More information can be found on our Safe House pages, where you can see the trailers and watch the entire show if you have an hour to spare.

Next, you just absolutely must find out about our Murder Mystery Evenings. Normally served as part of a delicious three course meal (though we don't actually cook the food - probably a good thing) they'll give you the best dinner entertainment since they took Noel's House Party off the air.

Sure, you could just book a couple of tickets to any of our public events, but if you've got a corporate event or even just a lot of friends that like to eat and play 'Guess Who' (not necessarily at the same time), why not book us for a more private gig? Get in contact with us and we'll probably be able to find you a local venue too!

We're actually based around Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire, hire out costumes to individuals and can even find a whole cast's worth of costumes if we're asked. We'll even throw in free costuming for any actors you wish to perform naked.

That's probably more than you wanted to know about us, but we can tell you a bit more if you're interested in reading further. Unlike this omniscient intro however, it unfortunately doesn't mention nudity.

If we have any theatrical performances coming up (yes, we do those too - even improvisational comedy) we'll hide the info somewhere on these pages, so keep your eyes open. Or just ask us. We're really very nice people.
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